Summary of role as a Producer

My role was the producer my job inhales-

  • Have experience of working in the film industry
  • Have a good business sense
  • Have a good understanding of finance
  • Have good creative vision
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be good at negotiating
  • Be good at motivating people
  • Be good at problem-solving
  • Understand the creative processes of filmmaking
  • Be able to secure finance for the production
  • Be able to prepare and control the production budget
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be able to work well under pressure and motivate the production team
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and codes of practice Understand the relevant health and safety laws and procedures.

Good creative vision-

I think my creative vision came out in the live event, as I had to decide where we would do this event and I decided on the millennium square so maybe we could use the big screen as well and make it more interactive by that.

We went to the millennium square and my ideas started to flood for our screening picnic in the park theme here. So in this scene I think I had good creative vision.

Be Self-motivated-

I feel my self-motivation may not have been on par. I feel I could have done a lot better on this. And will learn massively by this.

Be good at negotiation-

I think my negotiation came in more with the crew than anyone else. I don’t think I did a good job on this but I tried. I would say if you could do this now I will do that or something down that line. Didn’t work that well though.

Be good at motivating people-

Even though I would try being motivating, my group just didn’t seem to want it, some of the members attitude was quite difficult to motivate. I need to do better on this next time and understand my peers better.

Good at problem solving-

I feel like I didn’t show much problem solving in this, but I did decide checking to use the third year studio set up for our hook video, instead of looking around for a place. Then using the portable green screen, as we couldn’t get a studio.

Be able to work well under pressure and motivate the production team-

I feel the pressure I was put under by my group didn’t help well, this made things difficult for me. I realise if I have a good team I do work well under pressure as I found out on the 48hr challenge.

Again I try motivating my team, but when you can see they don’t want motivating this gets really hard for me.


Reflection on my work process

Reflection on my work process-

I feel at the start of this project I was very motivated and excited about it. My planning was on track and meetings were all organised with agendas before hand.

Unfortunately I didn’t keep this up I was getting less motivated and unhappy and had no idea why. I found out I was suffering with depression. This made it harder for me to focus.

I messaged my group and explained to them I may not be on top form now and again and may need help and support and fair play the group understood. I had a privet chat with Scott to explain what was wrong and he understood.

Unfortunately the support I thought I would have from my peers didn’t happen, one or two used my problem as an advantage to bring me down. Through out a lot of the project I felt unhappy every time we had a meeting, as someone would always find away to say I was wrong or try and put me down

This made my motivation in the whole project quite difficult but I knew I couldn’t let it get to me I had to carry on.

After a few weeks of my poor work, I spoke to Scott explained the issues I had and he explained what issues that the group had with me. After all this was cleared up it was easier to work with the group.

I would give them constant updates, plans and tasks that had to be done.

From the way I worked on this project I would say I was quite poor at times, and take full responsibility for that. From working on this I have learnt that I need to communicate a lot more with my group and if I have any issues to bring them up as soon as possible before they get out of hand.

I realise that my performance in this project would not be tolerated in the industry and have to up my game next year and focus a lot better.

Considering all this I was in charge of the live event and I feel that, it was fairly successful and good. It was my idea to do it in the millennium square and I did all the planning for it with help from Charlotte Croft. I enjoyed planning the live event so much that it motivated me to get on with a screening event.

I am overly motivated when I believe or am passionate in something but have to realise you have to sometimes do stuff you don’t want to do and put 100% into it no matter what.

If I was to mark myself like my peers I would give 60/100 for reliability, 55/100 for communication, 55/100 for Practical contribution and 60/100 for Contribution to the creative process.

This needs to be improved a lot in my next assignment and I am eager to do better next year.


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Production Journal Part 27

30th April 2015, I messaged Sam to check how he’s getting along with the video stuff and when he will have it done by. I also asked Joe is he was able to link some of his music together so we could use to dance. Unfortunately Joe was offend by me asking him this, he wanted to keep personal music separate to the project.

Sam then just told me to look for royalty free music on Youtube and put it together myself. I then looked on Youtube for danceable royalty free music and started putting it together on garage band. After doing this for a few hours i realised i had no idea how to export it to a file we could use it on the screen.

I then decided to start again. I downloaded Audacity and started putting the music together on that. I made around 15mins worth of material and then took it into a basic editing program called video pad. I made a little #igotthekrump screen so that will be shown when the music is playing.

1st May 2015, I emailed Alexis at @bristol to ask if it’s still okay to do the event. I sent her the materiel we hope to show so she can test it to see if it will work.

(I would upload the material to be shown here but i am waiting till after the screening)

Production Journal Part 26

28th April 2015, We decided to have a meeting so everyone was aware of what they needed to do for the production file. After the meeting i did a to do list so everyone knew when i wanted everything in by to put into a tidy file.

To Do for production doc

Who needs to do- What needs to do- When needed by-
Scott Final shooting script May 1st (Friday)
Jess Character Descriptions etc. May 1st (Friday)
Jack and Scott Transmedia design bible- Stuff for the blog, costumes props… May 8th (Week Friday)
Lily and Joss Shot lists, Camera plans and diagrams,

Lighting, technical plans, equipment list.

May 8th (Week Friday)
Joe Sound plans,

Music cue sheets

May 8th (Week Friday)
Jess Casting specification, casting requirements May 8th (Week Friday)
Sam Paper edits, screen grabs, credit list May 8th (Week Friday)
Jess Audience, user testing, comments (Write about these)

Promotional materials.

May 8th (Week Friday)
Jack Art direction, sketches, props list, location list and photos (any other design stuff) May 8th (Week Friday)
Scott Online strategy,


Copyright from the music?

Promotional materials

May 8th (Week Friday)
Bets Budget,


Call sheets,

Contact list,

Risk assessments,

Location agreements,

Release forms,

Marketing and distribution strategy research,

Festival Strategy,

Promotional materials.

May 8th (Week Friday)

Whilst doing this we also discussed the event, when we will be doing it. I explained to the group i needed all the videos to send the @bristol team before i can get a definite date. I was told a weekend will not be possible due to food events. We had spoken now about doing it on the 8th of May on a Friday evening.

I asked Sam if he could get me all the video material all put together for me to send on the Friday 1st of May. I wanted to get Joe to do some sound material so the audience could dance after. I assumed he would have music already made and wouldn’t have to rush to get it done.

Production Journal Part 25

23rd April 2015, We had a tutorial with Charlotte, Unfortunately i was ill so couldn’t make it. I was told that the feedback from the work we have done so far was good and that she was enthusiastic about the screening picnic idea.

27th of April the final blog went out, that was the film, We were pleased with the amount of likes we had gotten on this overall blog and pages. We are now focusing on getting all the papers ready for our group files and the Screening.

Production Journal Part 24

20th April, Today we are doing the island and plane scenes with the green screen. We had to do this with a portable green screen as the studio was booked up and the island isn’t easily portable.

We shot these scenes in Jack’s house, Justine on camera, Jack holding the plane, and Scott helping out with the lights.

44 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.54.08 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.54.00

I really liked the shots we hand gotten with the green screen, and really impressed with how Sam edited them.Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.53.43

Production Journal Part 23

After we did the live event, I put a photo of the crowd on my Instagram and # the Igotthekrump with in half an hour of doing this I had a member of the crowd like the photo and comment. Because she did this we were able to tell her to see more go on the Facebook page. After she went on the Facebook page she managed to get her friends from the audience to see it as well and like our page. Over night our page got 30+ extra likes because of the live event.

As this was successful we knew we had to do another event for the screening so I decided to email the @bristol people again and ask if it was possible to do another event a screening event at the millennium square.

“Hi thank you very much for letting us use the millennium square today it worked out very well. It worked so well we would like to do another event here on the 3pm on 2nd of May if thats okay. We want to do a screening of the vlogs, the film and the live event that we have done based on this project. We want to do a picnic theme where we can get people to come along with blankets and food and drinks, would this be okay to do?

Hope to hear back from you again soon.
Thanks again
This was an email i sent them, they were quick to come back and are happy for us to do another event, but want to chat about it over the phone first.